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What inspires you?
Is it sunshine’s splendor,
or serene mirrored waters’
soothing stillness?

What moves you?
Is it love’s affection,
or burning passions’
scintillating emotion?

Our mood can be hued
with sweet tenderness.
Our halcyon journey
offers solemn reflection.

Color has no boundaries,
it has no set composition;
its bright, vivid tones,
shine like precious jewels.

Splendid spectral shades
permeate our persona,
calmly they cling to us,
seeking only to console.

Stars and dreams cross,
in the deep violet night,
we romance their hopes,
under starlight’s brilliance.

The world we fantasize
can be rather profound,
full of dramatic horizons,
all surprisingly exciting.

Just plot your course,
and find a balance,
may a cheerful heart
be your guiding force.

editors note:

In this sense, we’re all POC. – mh clay

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