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A life once politely sublime has simply run out of time.
Today’s ethics are over the edge, arrogance here to stay,
spiteful spasms and selfish behavior have gotten in the way,
short-sighted, egotistical reflections stilled spirited affections.

Too many minds are set, there’s no desire to chance a debate,
civility’s principles are fading, each tempest drains our resolve.
Self-serving spirits the norm, indifference we can’t absolve,
a greedy, me-first vibe sidetracked us from those in need.

Yesterday’s freewheeling ways… wasteful, nothing to redeem,
our perspectives were tenuous, sadly void of promising themes.
Bound by pretentious dreams, contention was a jaded chain,
fleeting promises were broken links, all to be deemed in vain.

Too hard to turn the page to quell a mindless draining rage,
caustic personalities unravel, they distort life’s realities.
Complacency became a scourge, moral victories on the wane.
Fatigued! We’ve slowly become a growing apathetic populace.

Illicit affairs and sins of the flesh betray once lauded virgin lines,
leaving one’s confidence at bay feeling like vulnerable prey.
Social media’s acute suffocation is contamination for us all,
it leaves us satiated, giddy, bewildered and factually blind.

Faux fantasies with deceptive schemes needed to be jettisoned,
as wanderers with tattered tomes sought solitude as their home.
Feeling lost in a dejected zone while escaping a changing society,
we’re stumbling in pursuit of rainbow’s arc trying to make our mark.

editors note:

Deafened by this constant noise, it’s hard to manage equipoise. – mh clay


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Honest, true reflections
fuel would-be desires
with hope-filled dreams,
imparting hearty emotions
full of seduction’s themes.

Beware of beautiful lies,
they’ll capture your soul
with sweet, gentle charm;
enticing tender whispers,
often cause for alarm.

Words can be a devious tool,
they’re figurative fulcrums,
pivoting artful analogies,
and delineating agendas,
offering no apologies.

Enchanting hypnotic tales,
riddled with sultry images,
snag your wistful attention,
with promises of devotion,
all just a bone of contention.

editors note:

A timely reminder of dangerous diatribes ahead. – mh clay


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Darkness silences sunlight,
quieting queuing questions.
Surreal subtle sentiments
permeate a curious context
exposing ecstatic impulses,
of stellar sizzling splendor.

Nightfall laments loneliness,
dramatizing dispirited dreams.
Mystical minacious matters
invade a subdued solitude,
spurring sympathetic reflections
of anxious amorous affections.

Angels debated demonesses,
delineating divergent doctrines.
Prophetic pointed perspectives
float on zigzagging zephyrs,
granting gracious solemnity
to conclusion’s closing curtain.

editors note:

Draw one for light, the other for right. – mh clay


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For me, citified life has lost its glow.
Yes, New York is truly a lonely town,
where anyone can be lost in thought,
in granite canyons of dark shadows.

Narrow streets formed wild wind tunnels,
natural habitats for urban tumbleweeds,
of yellowed newspapers and plastic bags…
wasteful castoffs of preoccupied commuters.

Everyday living bedeviled by discontent,
of subways and trains never on time,
studio apartments with exorbitant rent.
and dinner out, a sticker shock event.

It was hard to navigate crowded walks.
always claimed by cardboard dwellers;
their assets deposited in shopping carts,
many doubling as mobile wine cellars.

Dirty water dogs from a sidewalk vendor,
considered by many to be haute cuisine,
fast food that was perfect for grab and go,
off to a park bench or back to the office.

Sitting in the park was my desired escape.
I smiled while watching young lovers cavort,
cringed at dealers dealing, druggies using,
but amused by morning mayors holding court.

I did hit my mark, achieved some success,
developed close bonds I will never forget.
Now I’m frustrated, my focus is wearied,
in need of a change, a whole new mindset.

I’m leaving the grime of potholed streets,
in my rear view mirror, they fade to black,
just praying that I’m now on the right track,
as I eagerly flee traffic’s smoggy wake.

editors note:

Dejected desert denizen departs. – mh clay


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Stuck at the crossroads of passion and pleasure,
whispers withered, as minutes vanish into hours.
While dancing under moonlight’s warm white glow,
meandering minds are lost in sentimental songs,
flaunting fantasies, eyeing shadows on the wall.

Heartstrings were wound tight, much too tight;
wary, restless souls lost their magnetic charge,
no longer electric, couldn’t light up a clear night.
Each longed to breathe liberation’s infinite air,
cravings and reality became dissenting forces.

Twirling tongues failed to fuel beads of sweat,
fervent desires and loving strains now expired!
Onetime shared dreams no longer wished upon,
juicy tempting delights suddenly turned bitter,
cherished bonds faded in their rearview mirror.

Out of rhythm, they can’t keep time to the music.
Sensual notions and capricious carnal escapades,
fleeting as a cool breeze on a sweltering dog day,
slipped precipitously away, lost in numb impulses,
their souls are stripped; lifeless, lonely and still.

editors note:

A sad end to an old romance (or, maybe a lame party). – mh clay


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Love happens, it cannot be explained,
it’s realized in many different ways.
They say love at any age is a delight,
but rules of the game have changed;
it may not be walking hand in hand,
in a park or on a beach of cushy sand.
Love used to be a face to face thing,
now it’s become a virtual experience,
starting with an IM’s addictive ping.
Lovers wait for that annoying sound,
takes the place of a doorbell’s ring.
Whatever its case, just give it time,
it needs to be nurtured and shared.

editors note:

These days, best swipe right or be left… alone. – mh clay


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Searched for a rainbow,
found a lump of coal.
Wished for a pony,
got a broken fishing pole.

Tried out for football,
never made the team.
Hoped to catch the spotlight
never felt its special gleam.

Dreamed of a lovely woman,
dated a conniving witch.
Desired a night of passion,
came home with a nasty itch.

Bought my first new car,
had it stolen in just a week.
Discovered water in my TV,
when my roof began to leak.

Traveled congested roadways,
just fueled my aggression.
Narcotic prescription drugs
only masked my depression.

Changed my way of thinking,
slowed down my daily grind.
Rejection of ludicrous goals
brought me peace of mind.

editors note:

“You can’t always get what you want…” – mh clay


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Our childhood home was barren and bleak,
not a safe haven or a refuge for the weak;
a sullen mist pervaded the air and space,
there were no fancy curtains or dainty lace.

The upstairs hallway was dark and dreary,
there was no sunlight to wake the weary;
each daybreak brought challenges anew,
clouded memories we’d woefully accrue.

Fractured family confabs, emotions askew,
nervous perspiration wet as morning dew;
the same old tired song played in our heads,
shocking our spirits, turning us onto meds.

The basement was cold, dark and chilling,
a viable scenario for a frightful killing;
my brother was young when we moved
never knew the pain of being abused.

Parents are gone, it was time to go home,
and show Jimmy the dungeon I’d roam;
he’d never noticed a door there before,
nor the room that we’d come to abhor.

editors note:

A door we would keep shut, swings open sometimes. – mh clay


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You’re like a hangnail, so annoying,
can’t seem to get rid of memories of you.
Your soft skin was like sweet cream butter,
now the wrinkles match your surliness.
Your lips were like a lambert cherry,
now they taste like an unripe persimmon.
Your bed was a bastion of fervent desires,
now it’s where fantasies take their last breath.
You were a wildflower with tattoos to match,
now your once sweet blossoms have wilted.
Your eyes, a mirror, reflected our passions,
now it’s smeared with snowy residue’s insidious grip.
Your body was the envy of a long line of lovers,
now it’s beaten, battered, used, older than your years.
Your orgasmic rivers once drowned my spirit,
now dried up, into your ravine no one takes a dip.
Cravings numbed, out of place, they walked out the door,
delusions dead, raunchy images in my mind expired,
no longer communicating by seductive touches,
a harsh reality flushed my threadbare senses,
not even Valium-filled veins could quell this aura of evil.

editors note:

All the more evil when a reflection of self. – mh clay


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A relationship can spawn stinging frustration,
sometimes crazed, it can put you in a trance,
not knowing if it’s intimacy or just a flirtation.

When one squanders a passionate sensation,
does it pierce the veil of true romance?
A relationship can spawn stinging frustration.

Idyllic imagination is a sure source of inspiration,
but you can be distracted by a seductive glance,
not knowing if it’s intimacy or just a flirtation.

Wishful fantasies sometimes kindle a fixation,
horizons before us are an unlimited expanse,
a relationship can spawn stinging frustration.

Fevered emotions evoke feelings of elation;
as twilight unfolds you want one more dance,
not knowing if it’s intimacy or just a flirtation.

Affection and devotion have no limit, no expiration;
in love, you have to be willing to take a chance.
A relationship can spawn stinging frustration,
not knowing if it’s intimacy or just a flirtation.

editors note:

Can you hold it if you try to mold it? (We welcome John L. to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay