Mad Swirl Staff

Johnny Olson
Founder/Chief Editor/Creative Director

A bit about Johnny: In 1999, Johnny, with a couple of other mad cohorts, started Mad Swirl. This project has now evolved into a being all its’ own. After wearing too many hats for too many years, he now only wears a few at Mad Swirl: chief editor, creative director, and host at Mad Swirl’s monthly Open Mic night. Contact Johnny at

MH_ClayMH Clay
Poetry Editor

A bit about MH: MH Clay is a poem writin’, harp blowin’, corporate beast dodgin’, lover & husband & father & son, etc. Who can’t help but write “out loud” the things he knows that many of us are thinking. It’s a compulsion, a condition, a possession. Contact MH at

Ty Malone
Short Story Editor

A bit about Ty: Ty wouldn’t have lived past fetushood if it wasn’t for the caffeine his dear momma ingested. Bless her & the little palpitating heart she gave him. He loves to sneeze more than most people love to eat, & he has always idolized those who are famous but talentless as well as Tom Jones’ hairstylists. Contact Ty at

Madelyn Olson
Visual Arts Editor

A bit about Madelyn: Maddi daydreams about dreaming in technicolor. Contact Madelyn at

Mike Fiorito
Associate Editor

A bit about Mike: Mike is a writer, musician and performer. He is married with two wonderful boys and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Contact Mike at