Que Sera Ist Sehr Gut

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There are loud bangs and whistles, screaming reds and greens bursting overhead. We stand among the masses, shoulder to shoulder, bum to bum. Gluhwein and champagne slosh over onto our frozen fingers. It’s a divine ablution meant to cleanse us in holy preparation on this New Year’s Eve for the coming of the King. Music pulses over head-high speakers, cameras …

From reading the Tao te Ching, #51:

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I’m buried in dirt
Tao is my gardener
Wearing a broad-brimmed straw hat
To block a baking sun

Tao grew the sun
From the same nothing dirt
Surrounding me

My sprout self springs
I’ll soon bring blooms
From nothing I do
But wait
For water

editors note:

A Laozi excuse to slow your roll & grow with the flow… ~ Johnny O


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A hand gone numb
Soon to tingle

A lover’s hum
A crowd at play

The click of a latch
A cipher deciphered
All variations factored


A dried blister
An inside joke
The place before sleep
The place before waking


The stutter of days
A rhyme at the end

editors note:

Sometimes phenomena remain in the waiting state. – Mike Fiorito

Sea Change

December 12, 2020  :: 0 comments

Maybe now is the time
For putrid waters to
Filters infuse with
Passing pick and put the
Infectious pallor in place
Bring back the color of
Bring it back in stealth
Unseen unknown but
Still the bright cheeks
And bright eyes come
Before the recognition of some
Who would not otherwise
Add their dull shouts to
The rising light of day


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Navigating a glass stairway
One step ahead
Of boot heel shatters
Making a name in cloud blown neon
Those letters need to ever replicate
Name name blinking name
Till memories erode in the constant
Glitter of firework blast and fade
Still stomping tromping
The upward step effort
To reach the oxygen thin apex
For title and steeple tottering
Trip and sway
Steady now ready now
Display the brand
The stand
The primeval prerogative
To take the day
To take orders
Bridge commercial borders
Build revenue
Defend your stance
With a billowing bottom line
Marketing will turn your chance
To certainty from happenstance

Goldfish Memory

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No sound
In the bubbly deep
Fizzes and pops
Are felt
To hear
The seashell hiss
In assaulted ear

There was a thing
A happening
Now lost
Now gone
But a sense
Of situation
Carries on

Wishes this

editors note:

All of our thoughts silently sing in the mad fishbowl of existence. (Read two more mad missives from MH on his page – check it out.) – Mike Fiorito

Blue Nun

December 28, 2019  :: 0 comments

12/21/18 Poem by MH and Zim after being in Deep Ellum

I feel the blue nun, she’s on the edge of a ready to harvest field of bounty.
The sting and sizzle
Of sister’s swizzle
Ignites the inner eruption
Blink. The fields are ablaze, angels screaming
RUN. (You are the one we love, take my hand)
Run. The stumbling nun
Hands on ears
Eyes agog on approaching ever
In the middle of infinity, we exist now.
A roiling rampaging bull knocking down a shotgun shack
Butting us forward
To fall flat or bounce
Ripping open Heaven, be here now
With our snorkels, parachutes, and helmets
Deep dive, boys
Into it, into it now
Dig a little deeper, dig deeper now
Angel or Nothing

editors note:

Rampaging angels; it’s bliss or abyss. (This is a collaborative work between MH and Chris Zimmerly.)

Cleanup in Aisle 5

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Scratching shadow
Etching black on gray
Groping for boundaries
We press them
We address our questions
To no ears
But ours

Ours is the answer
The voice we hear
Resounds from our own
Stretched chords
A confusing caterwaul
From which we draw
That one thing
That something
To render reason
From an otherwise
Random run

The rest is just mess

editors note:

By talking to ourselves, we invent the universe and our place in it. (See two more new mad missives from MH on his page – check’em out). – Mike Fiorito


February 23, 2019  :: 0 comments

When do we ever
Turn loose
Acrid ash
Nostril twang
Dust to dust off
Shabby shoes
To walk the path
A little more alone
Than before

When do we ever
See light
In dark fog distant glimmers
Of shapes suggested
Slight shimmering
Odd nods to existence
Enjoyed once
And then never

When do we ever
Grab on
To manes engraved
On carousel steeds
In white knuckled
Engulfed in calliope cacophony
Spinning into inevitability
Into unavoidable eventuality

When do we ever
Find peace
With abrupt absences
Untimely ripped
To rieve bereft
Left behind
Left to cope
With one step to follow
After other
Life unkind
Without father mother
Unknown the path
For us
As for them

When do we ever

Spoiler Alert

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This trail arcs through the heart
Of the unsuspecting
This arc is diffracted
Through holes of hate
These holes are dug by blind teachers
This teaching consumes light
Snuffs kindness
Denies tolerance
Confuses truth with lies
This trail goes into darkness
When the heart is spoiled

This arc trails to restoration
When truths are questioned
These questions can free the light
Obscured by doubt
This light illuminates discernment
This discernment fills the holes
Inspires kindness
Teaches tolerance
Refutes lies with truth
This arc resumes the rise of
The unspoiled heart