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of bold
soil creatures
salted in the land
toothpick footprint
stilts dancing
the ages
eyes dirt clod
coal seeing
through diamond’s
prism into
happiness of night.

editors note:

This giggling golem gets it good. – mh clay

Autochthonous (sprung from the land itself)

by May 28, 2024 0 comments

I am crop circling
around the issue
never wanting
to get to the point
of no return
because it hurts
to laugh at slapstick
when I am the one
doing the pratfalls
and the one jumping
through hoops
where hope
and despair intersect
with much respect
to those who spin
lies and wear bow ties
and swat sadness
like pesky flies
I personally can
no longer fake it
to make it
or bake it
to take it
to a get-together
when I am falling apart
at the seams
like a scarecrow
stuffed with hay
only able to scare
happiness away

editors note:

When your bluebird’s got the blues… – mh clay


by May 27, 2024 0 comments

My nine line poem circulates
like a minor infection
we’re too stubborn to wait for
at a doctor’s office for a prescription,
and the professor holds a pencil,
sharp as a scalpel starving for surgery,
underlining lines suffering
from cliches and malignant wording,
while my metaphor comparing
a lovely face to a watering can
quenches some of the more romantic members,
but the professor wasn’t fooled
by my diseased sentimentality,
which left me with another scar
I laugh about now
because there’s no other way.

editors note:

The club where clubbers take a clubbing for art. – mh clay

University Creative Writing Club

by May 26, 2024 0 comments

we have a band

my friend, Larry – he’s the clapper

he claps however he wants at
whatever frequency he is comfortable with

mostly he does not clap
and just watches television

my friend, Chrissy – she’s the hummer

she hums bits of songs that she knows
and sometimes does not hum
and watches television

she is tone deaf, so there
is no copyright issue

my friend, Tony – he’s our high c guy

he brings in his keyboard, turns it on,
puts it on the “synth saw” setting,
and keeps his finger on one key,
playing a protracted high c-note

but he also watches television
most of the time

And me…
i play a whistle with a little
monkey hanging from it

when i bring the whistle in and out
the monkeys arms and legs
go up and down

and i watch television too

i think we are a band.

most people don’t think so.

i don’t know what Larry,
Chrissy, and Tony think, but I
think we are
and we
like what we do

which is mostly watching television
and annoying each other

– Harry McNabb

editors note:

This makes all bingeing buds a band. – mh clay


by May 25, 2024 0 comments

She was always going
to antique shows
and talking about attachment

How the dead
came home with you
and then you had to live
with them.

I don’t know how it
actually worked,
but she was adamant
about attachment items.

So that one day,
I superglued everything
I could to my naked body
and waited for her
to come home.

editors note:

How to lean in to your attachment anxiety. – mh clay

Attachment Items

We Temper our Anger
before it hits Rage
with Strength
and Self-Control…
bringing ‘Balance’
and ‘Composure’
to Adverse Situations.
Walking ‘High Roads’
we avoid (Pointless)
Arguments with
small minded idiots
… and, it is also
far above the reach
of Toxic little people.
We Learn and Grow
because we Accept
our Faults, rather than
‘Deflect’… Changing
and Blossoming…
as we ‘Advance’ past
those stuck in Denial
and (Perpetual) Drama.

editors note:

This we seek, and then we watch the news. – mh clay

Looking For A Fight Where There Isn’t Any

by May 23, 2024 0 comments

I see it now: bulgy, white,

with spots of pink,

a slotted back

wistful eyes


I see it again: huge,

wobbling, as it comes

towards me

perched on the farm gate


And again, the edge of a holloway

near my house

on the market drove

still called Piggy Lane


And again, jowly,

in a dinner jacket

running the world

of stock and share


Same old piggy. Same old bank.

editors note:

Clutching forks and knives… – mh clay

Piggy Bank

by May 22, 2024 0 comments