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A life once politely sublime has simply run out of time.
Today’s ethics are over the edge, arrogance here to stay,
spiteful spasms and selfish behavior have gotten in the way,
short-sighted, egotistical reflections stilled spirited affections.

Too many minds are set, there’s no desire to chance a debate,
civility’s principles are fading, each tempest drains our resolve.
Self-serving spirits the norm, indifference we can’t absolve,
a greedy, me-first vibe sidetracked us from those in need.

Yesterday’s freewheeling ways… wasteful, nothing to redeem,
our perspectives were tenuous, sadly void of promising themes.
Bound by pretentious dreams, contention was a jaded chain,
fleeting promises were broken links, all to be deemed in vain.

Too hard to turn the page to quell a mindless draining rage,
caustic personalities unravel, they distort life’s realities.
Complacency became a scourge, moral victories on the wane.
Fatigued! We’ve slowly become a growing apathetic populace.

Illicit affairs and sins of the flesh betray once lauded virgin lines,
leaving one’s confidence at bay feeling like vulnerable prey.
Social media’s acute suffocation is contamination for us all,
it leaves us satiated, giddy, bewildered and factually blind.

Faux fantasies with deceptive schemes needed to be jettisoned,
as wanderers with tattered tomes sought solitude as their home.
Feeling lost in a dejected zone while escaping a changing society,
we’re stumbling in pursuit of rainbow’s arc trying to make our mark.

editors note:

Deafened by this constant noise, it’s hard to manage equipoise. – mh clay

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