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For me, citified life has lost its glow.
Yes, New York is truly a lonely town,
where anyone can be lost in thought,
in granite canyons of dark shadows.

Narrow streets formed wild wind tunnels,
natural habitats for urban tumbleweeds,
of yellowed newspapers and plastic bags…
wasteful castoffs of preoccupied commuters.

Everyday living bedeviled by discontent,
of subways and trains never on time,
studio apartments with exorbitant rent.
and dinner out, a sticker shock event.

It was hard to navigate crowded walks.
always claimed by cardboard dwellers;
their assets deposited in shopping carts,
many doubling as mobile wine cellars.

Dirty water dogs from a sidewalk vendor,
considered by many to be haute cuisine,
fast food that was perfect for grab and go,
off to a park bench or back to the office.

Sitting in the park was my desired escape.
I smiled while watching young lovers cavort,
cringed at dealers dealing, druggies using,
but amused by morning mayors holding court.

I did hit my mark, achieved some success,
developed close bonds I will never forget.
Now I’m frustrated, my focus is wearied,
in need of a change, a whole new mindset.

I’m leaving the grime of potholed streets,
in my rear view mirror, they fade to black,
just praying that I’m now on the right track,
as I eagerly flee traffic’s smoggy wake.

editors note:

Dejected desert denizen departs. – mh clay

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