hammer down to the holy ground

by March 4, 2023 1 comment

in 1974 horsepower was my God
a powder blue Nova SS was my heaven.
oil additives ran slick like the blood of a savior
and a young, chubby cowgirl
who giggled and snickered as she nestled against me
was my sexy holy grail

together we blasted forward into the unknown
behind three-hundred-twenty-seven cubic inches
of four-barreled and Isky-cammed Detroit theology

that cowgirl hoisted the tail of her shirt
exposed her boobs to the empty American prairie
and the miles whispered away
like the Sisters of Internal Combustion
at worship in their cloister of the starless humid night

editors note:

As it was, so shall it ever be. World without end, amen! – mh clay

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  1. Marie Higgins

    Reading through this the first time, I loved it – the mysteries of our universe all rolled together; and then I reread the title, and got the entire human picture, well done!

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