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Searched for a rainbow,
found a lump of coal.
Wished for a pony,
got a broken fishing pole.

Tried out for football,
never made the team.
Hoped to catch the spotlight
never felt its special gleam.

Dreamed of a lovely woman,
dated a conniving witch.
Desired a night of passion,
came home with a nasty itch.

Bought my first new car,
had it stolen in just a week.
Discovered water in my TV,
when my roof began to leak.

Traveled congested roadways,
just fueled my aggression.
Narcotic prescription drugs
only masked my depression.

Changed my way of thinking,
slowed down my daily grind.
Rejection of ludicrous goals
brought me peace of mind.

editors note:

“You can’t always get what you want…” – mh clay

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