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If winter comes…

A rhododendron shall march to meet
a girl in stilettos and red dress.
The man at the street corner shall
offer her corncobs and roasted
peanuts over a blaring radio.
The screen at the film festival
shall drape cream and psychedelia
over mugs of coffee.
The tanpura and the thumri
shall serenade the lovers sleeping
in the far seats. Bidi-cigarette-glows
shall signal thoughts into motion
over bonfires popping sesame and corn.
The red box in the attic shall
become a block of ice freezing you
and me in its middle.
And the red girl in stilettos
shall march with the burly
rhododendron, a queen commanding
pleasures from her kingdom.

* tanpura – an Indian stringed musical instrument
* thumri – an Indian classical music composition

editors note:

Here’s a winter we can warm up to. – mh clay

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