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Yesterday is a gingerbread
soaked and slurped in syrup,
made livelier in a spread
of marshmallow dollops;
that pockmarked raisins
pester with sour questions,
and stomp off to gossip
in mock-parlour sessions.

Meanwhile each new day
dithers, waits and wallows.
Mornings that crumble
breadcrumbs over shallows,
become misty-eyed and clueless
evenings of tuneless swallows,
that peck and grovel at the hem
of yellow saints one hallows.

editors note:

No matter your days, messy or neat; make ’em special, keep ’em sweet. (We welcome Mandakini to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of her madness on her new page – check it out.) – mh clay


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Branching off into leaf-beds,
the limbs of trees become the sinews
of your arms that knead ecstasy into me.

Your embrace is a spider that ambles
bow-legged up the trunk of my body,
marking punctures at each bite,
trailing saliva that spins
a wistful web of welts.

Tendrils of poison shoot through blood,
making fingers clasp and feet thrash,
as a scarab scurries across my bare back.

In the morning, swollen-shut eyes
whisper the naked chant of happiness,
as my heart hums and whirrs
a lazy beetle’s song!

editors note:

An arach-Nin for the bug-lustful. – mh clay


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All shapes are possible at home
with a dumbbell, opined a friend.
And I cocked an ear
and thought, indeed,
dumbbells also come in all possible sizes.

The sternness of a dumbbell is hard to match.
When I enter my room,
they look at me with a strict eye,
chhota bhai and mota bhai
(the thin one and the fat one)
lying under the almirah
in a covert mode of operation.

I panic, I freeze, I cringe with guilt.
I have ignored my passports
to Svelteland for too long.

Dumbbells, however, are all-forgiving
(coz they are dumb!).
Once you embrace them,
beef-steak or hourglass,
dumbbells are a panacea
for all-encompassing boredom
during an endless lockdown.

editors note:

What shape are you? Be buff, not bored. – mh clay