A pissed-off pessimist ponders the peculiarities of New Year’s…

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New Year’s. It’s all resolutions and to-do lists.
Lists of all the things I know will be missed.
If I make one, I’m sure I’ll never find it.
It’ll hide down the back of the sofa – or behind it
Lists are bad.
Moses saw to that.
Thou shalt not covet.
Thou shalt not this or that.
Come on Mo, speak proper English.
Thou shalt not! You and your tablet!

We open the back door to let the old year out. How polite!
And then the front door to let the new one in. Big mistake!
That’s just asking for trouble. Are we missing a trick here?
What if we didn’t open the front door?
Didn’t let in the new year!
Just crouch in the corner, pretend that time has stood still.
And that no matter how bad, things can’t get any worse once we stay here.

And making resolutions is really just pre-emptive inventory of future failures and mistakes.
A rod for our backs, a Catholic kick-back for when things finally fall into place,
so we don’t lose the run, now that we’ve left the club,
and that’s the rub, you never really shake it, the guilt, and parties are great.
But the pretense of ‘bring it on’ – bring on the new year?

Come on! You know we’ll all be facing the same crap,
but with less capacity to deal with it in our delicate state.
Politicians don’t get any smarter ‘cause the world turns another revolution – Oh,
don’t mention revolution, the weak will still suffer,
policies will just get harder no matter.
So, yeah, let’s all inebriate, celebrate!
Bring on the shit storm once again, here’s to the hamster wheel, let it spin!

Let it spin, let it spin, let it spin!

editors note:

Keep it out or let it in; that wheel’s gonna spin and spin. – mh clay

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