when obstacles make it seem

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unreasonable when inopportune unseasonable with outwit with dismay outweighed overburdened tromped stomped popped shucked jived disfavored jammed discolored deflator de-flavor hallelujah call Savior snap crack gee-whiz go dizzy clop drop your skivvies jump jolly hop a’ long steer the trolley clap sing go ding ling ling ain’t got a chance? dazzle prance hi-hat glance prince the streets go aberrant go crazy go underground lurk seep spew postulate weep divvy the dander go yonder ponder perilous ponder pomp ostentation & the wobbly woo cinch carillon clairvoyant conveyor catch–all cinder tender no surrender say
your piece
, please

editors note:

Go ahead! We’re listening… – mh clay

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