when all else arises

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fable flicker jackpot ways & means the Supremes ‘Stop! In The Name of Love’
overture applause skirt the tally tuck the fissure Giant
Steps go goosey live eels for sale platter paste stash
away bargain chips let it fell rain slip salsa abdominal pain puddles vodka
vermouth velvet the trial of Edie Lang inconsistency breath
long legs connivance gullies gallows raisins corn stalk carnivorous
hammocks afternoon

editors note:

Yes! As often as possible. – mh clay

when what matters most hardly

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concerns hardly qualifies
: to – attract aver event station ever
sound welfare wound wind
wick cacophony nether posts early dispatch configure go figure
just for argument’s sake for chrissake for smithereens trespass early con-
duct unbecoming befit borderland before/after terminus albeit above all measurement dispatches in the eye of the seldom before befall go
robust go saintly go eager

editors note:

The when, the where, the why notwithstanding – go! – mhclay

when obstacles make it seem

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unreasonable when inopportune unseasonable with outwit with dismay outweighed overburdened tromped stomped popped shucked jived disfavored jammed discolored deflator de-flavor hallelujah call Savior snap crack gee-whiz go dizzy clop drop your skivvies jump jolly hop a’ long steer the trolley clap sing go ding ling ling ain’t got a chance? dazzle prance hi-hat glance prince the streets go aberrant go crazy go underground lurk seep spew postulate weep divvy the dander go yonder ponder perilous ponder pomp ostentation & the wobbly woo cinch carillon clairvoyant conveyor catch–all cinder tender no surrender say
your piece
, please

editors note:

Go ahead! We’re listening… – mh clay

above all leave

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above all leave time to tear otherwise there is no comparison both sides of the fence temporality fade in slow motion honor the frame the occlusion mounts when warrants wane has anyone done a thorough study of let’s not go there how much drink to do away with all this

editors note:

How much, indeed? (We welcome Heller back to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his page – check it out.) – mh clay

Will You Please facts not withstanding…

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Will You Please facts notwithstanding in a manner of speaking the ball’s in your court this too shall pass but before & just in case the matter gets out of hand there’s always a stopgap a fail-safe when the moment comes just pretend but play it safe check your battery be convincing these are good people this has never happened before alternate side of the street parking the privileged few it takes years not weeks news leaks fake faucets turn off ramp sideways not an easy decision to make the majority form a majority to make matters worse a light at the end of the tunnel libraries are closing cows smell like fish if there is a remote chance grab the opportunity hedonism arose thank you all for coming it’s an honor to be here

editors note:

Here’s a discourse far more coherent than current diatribes from a blustering blowhard we know. – mh clay

awhirl awhile

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glide in style apart about abort apparitions taut puff purfle balloon whiffle curl the lagoon choir aspire heat desire like coupling like curlicue like so lonely you could believe your eyes the concept was otherwise slide beside enterprise surprise the subject was peat studying agglutinate chimera forms in symbolic art

dog tail



editors note:

Wow! Wait, what? Whew! – mh clay

vulva like transversible wormhole

September 7, 2010  :: 0 comments

pitching caldera pit bravura courting
the bobsled vulva carnival
vulvaric curtsy testicular applause
security is a
Poetry Handbook
— vulvavurvivalism
routing rooting rut to run
in the face of things – face-off
a factor of N factoring
transport from here this there
this parsimony of place
— failure to deliver
the move-on imperative
Otherly is Brotherly
alterity traction
{trunk truculence lumbering budge
: mid-range overtones
clue cluck click cluster clock
timing rhyming admix
pawn place claim check
because movement is life

editors note:

Glibly go the grandly gripped, verbally whipped, staggering stackpole stanzas. Trip and tumble down these stairs not to a conclusion of wildy woven words but to the inkling sparking ilk of an idea. – mh clay

3 times

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I made her happy today

yet I know nothing of love

is love a conjunction a cataract a corollary
a crease
a circumference

if a conjunction, where does it join, what joins, what fastenments required

is it an illusion fueled by convention, by want … an evolution refining

could it be storytelling … a specialized fiction

a leap of faith
a frisky fetish event, an entertainment

is it a failing an achievement
a trophy
a form of self-abuse

is it a salutation, a sunrise, or an

a forfeiture

an inseam

a surcease an eruption a cavalry a stampede a mustang bathing in a pond of absinthe
a wreck a reconstitution an obeisance

a dramatic supersession

a pair of wet galoshes

a gulag

7 days in a week
times 3
I’ll go with that


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communism capitalism socialism fAasCH-
ism schisms mysticism dogmatism romanticism trash
ism isms jism isms productionism bash
— do you bathe in your ism,
do you confide in your ism, rely on your ism, spy on their ism while their ism decries your ism, have you determined the ism of your ism, are you or anyone you know a recipient of ismic welfare, at your earliest convenience please get your ism a chest x-ray,
& when you dare, beyond the blind foreswear
take a moment & query your ism –
catholicism protestantism judaism islamism hinduism gnosticism buddhism recidivism formalism surrealism protectionism liberalism parochialism ooh my we’ve got us a systematism …
radicalism racism fanaticism isolationism syllogism neologism parallelism conservativism slash
ism ism schism ism schismism is-m
commune with your ism commerce with your ism
eroticism lesbianism homosexualism heterosexualism sodomism
ism ism ism too many isms
got those too many ism blues
gonna march on washington
with territorialism
with reactionism
protestin those anarchism anachronism industrialism hypnotism isms