vulva like transversible wormhole

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pitching caldera pit bravura courting
the bobsled vulva carnival
vulvaric curtsy testicular applause
security is a
Poetry Handbook
— vulvavurvivalism
routing rooting rut to run
in the face of things – face-off
a factor of N factoring
transport from here this there
this parsimony of place
— failure to deliver
the move-on imperative
Otherly is Brotherly
alterity traction
{trunk truculence lumbering budge
: mid-range overtones
clue cluck click cluster clock
timing rhyming admix
pawn place claim check
because movement is life

editors note:

Glibly go the grandly gripped, verbally whipped, staggering stackpole stanzas. Trip and tumble down these stairs not to a conclusion of wildy woven words but to the inkling sparking ilk of an idea. – mh clay

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