I Am Violet

featured in the poetry forum July 29, 2017  :: 1 comment

shade of flower.
I am temperamental,
difficult to raise.
Enticing, I can be soothing,
healing. Beware.
My roots are savage,
aggressive, poisonous,
deadly if taken to heart.

editors note:

A shredder, not a shrinker. Beware, indeed! – mh clay

I Dream in Oceans

featured in the poetry forum February 26, 2017  :: 0 comments

waveless expanses of blue.
Not breathing or drowning, I float,
an empty cloud in a miserable sky.
I pick at veins to lure companions,
believing the sanctity of devoured
is preferable to the continuous
resonation of devoid.

editors note:

Open wide. – mh clay

My Mother Should Have Named Me Mythic

featured in the poetry forum October 8, 2016  :: 0 comments

Creature of improbability,
I waiver in your imagination.
Tempted, you touch, but cannot commit
to formal acknowledgement.
Belief is a permanent fixture,
something that will not be removed,
and I am temporary to the core, a vision
sparkling in the night, dissolving
into something less than a memory
before dawn.

editors note:

Easy come, not so easy go. Remember? – mh clay

Electric Rainbows

featured in the poetry forum July 12, 2016  :: 0 comments

burn out. One stripe
at a time waves a final flare, falls to
gray. The hollows echo the empty
sentiment of stale breadcrumbs
over roads revealed as not-quite-gold.

editors note:

Power fails, colors fade; entropy for all. – mh clay

The Freeway Sounded

featured in the poetry forum March 28, 2016  :: 0 comments

like a distant ovation
in an arena where games never ended,
where life and death struggled
to survive, to find meaning in eyes
that blued like evening skies.
The sun reflected
this strange anonymity
against windshields
of cars moving but not passing,
a thousand bright silver bullets
blinking at once,
and I was the silence, the breathing
moment released before everything reopened.

editors note:

Gridlock in the middle of gridlock. – mh clay

I Can Hear the Stars

featured in the poetry forum December 23, 2015  :: 0 comments

counting me, as if I were something
backwards that would eventually disappear
like morning. They giggle, check me
off their points, a not-too-human to-do list
that doesn’t really need tending,
just attention from a blind(ing) audience
as temporary as dream.

editors note:

One hell of a lag time; our answers won’t reach them before they’re gone in a flash of nova we’ll never see. – mh clay

In This Dream

featured in the poetry forum October 1, 2015  :: 0 comments

after Metallic Dreams, artist Osnat Tzadok

I am silver. Gold and bronze,
my brothers in armor (yet to be
forged), crawl from midnight’s fire.
We will join
battle against blasphemous sun.
The enemy of creation
is a molten eye. Clarity
holds a magnifying presence,
scars our skin. We prefer to pick
the scabs, let them run
like rivers amongst the fogged
echo of nocturne’s voice.

editors note:

Which awakened sense preceded; eye or ear? The battle for ascendancy endures,  elicits art. (This is exemplary ekphrasis; google the artist and work to see A.J.’s inspiration – excellent.) – mh clay


featured in the poetry forum May 19, 2015  :: 0 comments

I wade into the waves, wondering
if Columbus was right. I lie
back, arms splayed, give myself over
to nature and the possibility the scholars
are still wrong. I exhale, and my body becomes
weightless, relaxed. I believe the waves will carry me
somewhere towards true understanding.
Tangible knowledge requires fearless faith,
and possibly a hint of wished-for death.

editors note:

Risk assessment; dangerous ideas, impotent ignorance. Which? – mh clay

I Am Building

featured in the poetry forum March 9, 2015  :: 0 comments

a profession, a tower, something
erected, intended to reach
heaven, a structure
of large size,
facilities, an establishment
for factors of manufacturing,
a dwelling, to endure, sustain,
withstand without yielding
or submitting, the basis,
the groundwork of anything,
the lowest division, the act
of founding, of establishing

editors note:

We all aspire to edifice; sell naming rights to highest bidder. Whose building are you? – mh