Behind the Rainbow’s Back

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Bottled angels break. The wind
whistles. It’s indifference stands: unchecked.
Like my coat of bastardized butterfly wings.
(My personal attempt at flutter.) I shutter
my mind’s eye. It sees far too many hues.
And I was never one for that brick
bastard’s road . . . Oh, my
shoes were red. (More blood than ruby,
if the truth be told.) And often clicked three times,
they landed . . . But Kansas? Out of the question.
Cut to the point: I fly with monkeys.
Sharp and dark and fueled by feraled fight.
“For claw and clamor”
is the only prayer I deem to keep.

editors note:

Anti-Dorothy; the dark side o’ the fairy tale told. “For claw and clamor,” indeed! – mh

Unfortune’s Light

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You are blue.
But I am colorblind.
So we stay.
In the gray.
xxxxxxand pleas.
All spinning.
Don’t worry.
Soon your eyes will grow
And get used
to the shadows
of this shade.

editors note:

From a distance, so bold and clearly defined. Up close, the lines are lost – we’re on our own. – mh

Through the Dead

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One taste of black
is all it takes.
To turn a mind
into a knife.
is a sharpened skill.
To a point.
Much deeper than frustration.
It is truly a weapon.
A divine poison.
inside itself
xxxxxxxless beauty.
As it spreads.

editors note:

This weapon is not wielded but wound around ’til, bogged and bound, would-be victor becomes victim. Laugh and lose it in light. – mh

Dominance By Number

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“it became sacred
only when they went away.”
– Adrienne Rich

You have left your fingerprints
all over my life.
And I can no longer read the past
that has protected me.
I have tried to scrub them off.
But the lines of my skin dissolved instead.
Feeding the illusion
that we were one.
Now you are gone.
So I am nothing.
Short of alone.
And miles beyond afraid.

editors note:

Unprotected, undefined, yet unafraid. A heart bereaved or a new religion. Keep faith, lovers! – mh

Deprived from Meditation

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You dream of death.
And my hands bleed for you.
You dream of love.
And my knees bear the scars.
But they —
or you —
do not linger long enough
for the stains to make their mark.
I guess my impressions do not impress.

You only desire outlet.
like lightning,
conducted in the dark
you pretend not to command.
But I see more than you feel.
And I hate my eyes.
For the forgiveness
they shed —
every dawn —
over this abandoned bed.

editors note:

Can’t blame a bed for the sins of a lover. But, should there be a reckoning, I’d rather be the bed. – mh

Reflections Made in Water

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She broke the mirror.
With a bone
she found
in the heart of a man
who wore death
like a top hat and tails
for dinner.

But still she failed.
To create a seam
dark enough
to match
her shape
to the depths of night.

editors note:

After awhile, we know what we expect to match in the glass. If no match, then top hat or no, the glass is flawed. What’s seven years in forever, anyway? – mh

Thinking Backwards

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Your memory is a movie
I like to watch in reverse.
I watch the pieces pulling together
returning the smiles we have lost.
And mouths moving —
no words —
I fill in the blanks to match.
It gives us a whole new life.

You say your name.
A few seconds and I do the same.
Farther and farther
to the beginning we go.
I close my eyes.
And it’s over.
With a much better word
than good-bye.

editors note:

What a great idea! Let’s open a reverse Cinema. Experience last that delightful anticipation that comes before the theater goes dark; great, no matter how disappointing the movie might be. – mh