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I wade into the waves, wondering
if Columbus was right. I lie
back, arms splayed, give myself over
to nature and the possibility the scholars
are still wrong. I exhale, and my body becomes
weightless, relaxed. I believe the waves will carry me
somewhere towards true understanding.
Tangible knowledge requires fearless faith,
and possibly a hint of wished-for death.

editors note:

Risk assessment; dangerous ideas, impotent ignorance. Which? – mh clay

I Am Building

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a profession, a tower, something
erected, intended to reach
heaven, a structure
of large size,
facilities, an establishment
for factors of manufacturing,
a dwelling, to endure, sustain,
withstand without yielding
or submitting, the basis,
the groundwork of anything,
the lowest division, the act
of founding, of establishing

editors note:

We all aspire to edifice; sell naming rights to highest bidder. Whose building are you? – mh

Of Death and Dying

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Pay the ferryman twice, just to be
sure you do not end
up haunting the waters of hell’s only river.

Place remaining coins over each eye to show
your life had worth. Subsequently, purpose
may seemingly echo with shadows of pointlessness.

gods do not lack
a sense of vindictive humor.

editors note:

With immortal gods our mortal construct, the joke’s on us. – mh

Testing Lucky

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Before first paw hits track, anonymous
controller’s hand hits the switch.
Lucky flies around the track. Ears back,
he is a filthy streak of mechanics and fur.
In this moment of unchased bliss, he is free.
As he rounds turn after turn, I watch and wonder if
he envisions a digital field, a makeshift meadow
full of daisies and butterflies scattering
beneath paws that have never actually touched
the ground.

editors note:

Race and repeat until he gets the win. Loop it, Lucky! – mh

from Dust this Dream

July 23, 2014  :: 0 comments

rises as if called forth by unseen
hands. Letters dangle, become legs
of glittering spider waiting to trap
my flight of thoughts. It captures,
tangles, devours every embryonic notion
I force out until there is nothing
left but silence and my eyes.
Both stare blindly into the blackness
of a beast I know I could destroy with one
pursed puff from conscious lips.

Betting On Blue

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The feeling, not
the color, creeping into my eyes
as they watch a phone that doesn’t
ring. Your wheel is running,
but I have no marble left to
drop. Time
slows. Distance
ticks off
in my head, leaves
me spinning. Knowing we
will land on double
zero, the shape of repeated

editors note:

Our roulette revolution, a gamble every time. We revolt against loneliness, bet on love; mostly the house wins. – mh

The Road to Happiness Road

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is cordoned off,
again. Caution signs and scaffoldings
line both sides of twin sawhorses – painted
yellow – for emphasis – acting as barricades.
Rumor is, the last trespasser
lost it at the first intersection, took out half
the block when her head – unable to adjust
to the actualization of its own
imagined ideal – exploded.
The hard hats will arrive in the morning
with new blueprints, born from another
brain. They will toil in silence, futilely
trying to re-build what is inherently
designed to crack, crumble, crash.

editors note:

Better to rebuild repeatedly than to condemn unconditionally. – mh

I Am Fascinated

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by bioterrorism. The idea that scientific research has
advanced to the point of producing a tangible embodiment
of the inherent desire inside every scorned female. To kill
a man, a thousand men, with a single touch. To initiate
the most intimate peristaltic chain reaction. To spread contamination,
destruction with a kiss.

editors note:

Whew! Look out, Fellas! If she bottles that, you have reason to invade; a genuine WMD. – mh

[Right Hand Up]

January 11, 2014  :: 0 comments

I am done
with men (for awhile – maybe
longer), desperate to heal
the scabbed and scarry mess
in my chest.
xxxxxxWhat the… Poof! Clouds
open, stars lie
in form. Straight? I swear
God must have a sadistic sense
of humor. Is that a cherub-
playing-harp-quasi-rock-band roaring
in the distance?
xxxxxxWham! Another nail
to my heart.
He is
Mr. “Right.” His actual name
was . . . unimportant. As he was
all shiny and unattached.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDropped practically
into my lap. I gasp for
air. Dial 911! If we touch,
there will be nothing
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxof me.

Under a Cherry Moon

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I swallowed the seeds of my own
tongue & choked on words that never
had a chance to form roots, grow bark,
irritate a politician’s son to the point
he bought an ax & told his father a lie
that later would be picked up by hidden
media feed & echo like an earthquake
around the world.

editors note:

The seeds of myth, coughed up or squeezed out, are planted in a swallow – a hard bite could crack teeth. – mh