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Daybreak, and the old woman
is pushing the wheelbarrow
full of straw

She is alone
except for cows
arranged on the hill
and birds
darting through
harps of light

I see her every morning
cats following
pawing the falling straw
and I am certain
it is she who takes
away the night —

when we are all asleep
she is awake
gathering the darkness
in her apron

editors note:

Now we know; never have been awake to see her. (Congratulations to John on the recent releases of two collections: Viper Brain, and SEE. Click the links to get your copies.) – mh clay

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  1. Marie Higgins

    “Darting through harps of light”… “gathering the darkness in her apron”, and everything in between created an incredibly compassionate natural scene. I’m glad you saw it!

    1. Post

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