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Beyond this low hedge and that high fence
We may not venture –
Although it is very puzzling,
For out there it seems
The air is the same as in here.

This hermit’s retreat
Has all the comforts to soften
Solitude, to stave off sickness:
Reclining soft chairs,
Any music we desire on tap,
A myriad of tv channels too.

Food and drink are regularly placed
Outside the door. A knock, a ring,
And then a van departs
Driven by some brave stranger
Who breathes that forbidden air.

A release date has been set
But plans cannot be made.
Could it be another false promise,
Like the last one, when we were
Tossed back in, like fearful rats
Led by a mercenary flute player?

– David Allard

editors note:

Any time in lock down is hard time. – mh clay

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