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still skies meandering paths and tall
vegetation waver (as if painted on
loose canvas) opening to cool offshore
breezes quivering sword grass
threatening bare legs bright plastic
cars filling gutters dog leashes straining
over sunny parklands affronting
trespassers like cardboard cut-outs
ignoring me

who programmed this intrusion
quiet monday is not right i have been
scripted out though rabbits survive
glades manicured within a breath of
green life

my effortless pacing over jogging
tracks surprising after infection’s spike

neglecting the porches missing footwear
and drawn beachward where his bare
feet limp over wet sand normality is
regained however a teenager straddling
his stationary bike near the footbridge
acts overly strange

editors note:

What space do you like? This one’s nice. – mh clay

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