Hold On To Life

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Hold on little baby hold on for life held up by the mom on the back of the bike looking around at the ever-changing world seasonal evolution(s) profound in the child’s eye one she said hold on as long as you can and soon this kid’s driving the bike now free on his own with his phone strapped to the side of his helmet one day you’ll have to push your bike along when it fails you indefinitely and someone might help you for a bit of change in return then they have a baby of their own even if they don’t you learn how to ride before you walk through observation and fear reservations about the dangers of life and other people we have words to express such longings pictures photographs installing furniture inside the houses of our minds so far true but resigned to people other people who do the same thing as us so we can fuss and run for office inside the wheel of anticipated dreams articulated no more imprinted on the story of our lives little baby child hold on to your mom your dad your sense of Youth foretold in your future behold the idealized dreams of your parents what they want for you as you grow up maybe helping other Souls when in times of trouble and resistance when their bikes break down I’ve seen children wandering on the side of the road selling things for money a commodifiable youth vexed inside their role drifting towards some future reliant on the past a residual parody of life speaking in tongues in scriptures written down formulations of human existence family life taking care of each other forever until never ever comes only ideas and attitude you must trust in exchange for formality discs thrown at arm’s length hoping for the mark of the Beast a number a relief God is nothing but your head revolving around in circles dead as it all is living changing with no end in sight your tongue suspends belief we’ll tell you a lot of things but it is left up to you to decide how formal you will be in the delivery of this world this time you have one more chance so wave goodbye.

editors note:

Just like riding a bike. Hold on! – mh clay

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