It’s Almost Christmas, and I Still Can’t Buy Love

by December 23, 2023 0 comments

Everything is on sale for Christmas. Everything except love. The stores must keep it in the back, stuck between the two left shoes and the fluffy bunny minus a tail. Wrapped in duct tape so that it can’t run down the aisles and spray-paint the merchandise. Or the customers.

The man with dark glasses sitting next to me in the movie theater tells me love is just an excuse for money, and this film doesn’t have it. He whispers he saw love sitting on the curb, smoking a cigarette. The cigarette is stubbed out and the concrete is still warm by the time I arrive, but love is gone.

I follow some kids to the ice-skating rink. They tell me love is a sheet of ice. The rink manager refuses to sell it to me, but he rents me some skates. I kiss the ice. The ice only freezes my lips together. I want to introduce it to my mother, but it is too big to fit in the car, and it melts when I try to hold it.

I drive home without love. I drive home with blue lips and wet clothes, and a sticky business card from the man with dark glasses.

I’ll have to ask Santa for something else.

editors note:

If it’s not on Amazon, Santa can’t bring it. – mh clay

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