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you got it wrong judging him, splintering friendships.
it’s not healthy, this emotional avalanche. it’s over-
thinking, constricting, burdensome, ununified energy.
unbridled negativity has gone too far. see it for what
it is. his business, her imagination, a spun web. you’ll
make it. a few more hills, valleys just as deep. with
sweat or tears, i’ve got you my friend. i’m right
behind. it can be tough but i’m keen, I’m slowly
making way, so you can too. all’s good, even adversity
isn’t bad. it’s just a happening. shoes rub but they
soften with wear, a bit of love, a gently massage, a
band-aide, a stich, sometimes glue. i’ve been under
your cloud, experienced those critical lessons, found
no progress without change, not out there, inside
here. surrender man, can’t fix everything. let it be.
one way or the other, get rid of the controller. he’s a
bugger. put it in natures hands. don’t forget karma.

editors note:

Where would we brothers be without a sister like this? – mh clay

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