On Love’s Street

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I said I came just for a haircut.
I lied.
She wanted me to relax.
Actually, the heat outside also
Gave me shelter.
She was my long-lost school lover
Trained with her beauty face
Like a smiling art drawn
On a maple leaf
To become a beautician
Of a unisex saloon.
Biratnagar has changed its face
Empty spaces
Have turned into departmental stores.
I don’t find fish in the pond
The ponds have dried like sucked
Blue Ink from an inkpot.
I have no reflection
On the street mirror.
Good or bad
Everything changes
Like the surprising seasons.
The highways have expanded
And my love
Has forgotten to cross the street.

– Sushant Thapa

editors note:

Best to look both ways before crossing. – mh clay

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