The words within the words

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Emptiness in
Sadness ad
Grief if
Sorrow row
Unhappiness app
Anger an
Wrath rat
Lust us
Orgasm or gas
Masturbation mast bat on
Sexual fantasies ex fan as I
Porn unleashed or leash a shed
Unbridled bridle rid Id led
Depression press ion I on
Frustration rust at ion I on
Moodiness OD in dines
Heaviness in vine
Nothingness in thin thing
Vengeful thoughts wench ought O
Blasphemy asp
Pride rid ride
Avarice greed rice ice reed
Envy jealousy lousy
Getting you tin
Nowhere ow
Nowhen hen
No how
No any oh
No who
No what which why hat hic
Watch movies vies
Listen to music ten
Can’t fill the hole can ill
In the soul sou
The blackness black
Darkness dark
Nights starless night star less
Cell windowless gaol jail prison endless window ail son end
In the mind them
The lost feeling feel
In the heart hear
And the loneliness in the pit of the stomach lone line it Tom
Door portal to the bottomless abyss do port bottom
Such excess sex

god i need some salve for this abscess cess

editors note:

The meanings are up to you me art you – mh clay

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