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There are no origins
When did it begin?
When Sterne painted a black door?
When was Frank Lloyd Wright born?
With the Bauhaus?
When video killed the radio star?
When Lyotard wrote The Post-modern Condition?
When rodeos ended?
When Rodgers Hammerstein yielded to Holland-Dozier-Holland?
Where does it end?
With Lana del Rey worshipping John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe?
Nothing has value anymore
Everything has value only for a few seconds
How to navigate through or negotiate with such a world?
Search for meaning?
Micronarrative and subculture are the graffiti flowers on my wall
Where is the connect?
Humans matter and flora fauna earth Nature the universe
Lesser devil world no choice other than system too big to beat
There must be more like arts culture sciences humanities history eco-civics philo-psychology neo-disciplines
Static at 9.0 something on the car stereo desist devastate dehisce deconstruct destruct

editors note:

Where to begin when you’re well past the end? – mh clay

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