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an old lady was seen sitting on a solitary chair in the middle of a large
room continuously calling h e l p

six months later another elderly woman at a different hospital sits on a chair
ringing an old fashioned brass bell for assistance

she is just out of ICU
she has no dressing gown
she is cold
she can’t get up

she calls out for assistance
she listens to the group of nurses talking and laughing outside her door
for twenty minutes
the person who gave her the bell walks past several times without looking sideways
she identifies with the other old lady’s plight

her catheter is removed that day
something is not right
she buzzes the nurse four times during the night
two nurses help
one a male
extremely agitated
he tells her not to use the toilet until he is out of the room

she wishes they did not send a male
especially one who finds toiletries offensive
she feels guilty to be calling so many times

back in the quiet of her room
she sobs
wishing her husband would come to take her
from this place

on the phone next morning she remarks
if I had to go through what I have again
i would rather kill myself

a nurse overhears the comment
a procession of cheery attendees present that day as never before
making her and her visiting husband laugh out loud

later she hears an elderly male desperately calling
will someone please come to help my wife?
she wants me to take her home

editors note:

A sad affair when liberator is also captive. H e l p! – mh clay

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