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I want to feel alive
like people I see sometimes,
on the street,
holding hands
because they don’t
truly know each other yet
but possibly
because they ARE the lucky ones

I want to feel rested
like people I see sometimes,
in the café,
eating their bagels with wonder
like they’ve never lost a wink of sleep
and they never drink coffee
because it gives ‘em the jitters
and they never have nightmares
because they beLIEve in the American dream

I want to be sober
like people I see sometimes
but I am cursed with crystal vision
I pass them the glasses
but they see what they want to see
and laugh all night long
They ONLY worry
when the cable goes out

– Casey Renee Kiser

editors note:

With 300 channels (add 3-4 premium) we should all feel fine. – mh clay

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