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1) go to yoga once or twice a week again
2) actually eat the produce you pay to get hand-delivered to your door
3) make smoothies with it 4) i don’t know. just stop letting it rot.

5) commit to a hobby or volunteer work 6) or both if you can swing it but lets not get crazy
7) judge less. i know you say it’s because you’re a creative type, or whatever, but we both know it’s not just innocent observation.
8) you think some mean shit 9) just cus you don’t say it out loud doesn’t make it not mean

10) finish reading more books
11) make it your personal practice to write every day
12) even when you don’t wanna 13) maybe even especially then

14) stop being so afraid to learn new things. it’s your ‘talented and gifted’ complex, we know,
but it’s not an excuse 15) you don’t have to be good the 1st time or even the 20th time

16) still try, though 17) still grow

18) eat less dairy and bread if you can and 19) if you can’t, don’t be hard on yourself
20) focus more on art from a business perspective. put in the effort. you want to make this
a career someday, act like it.
21) move out of town. you love it here but you might be outgrowing it.
22) take probiotics 23) make mushroom tea 24) don’t settle for toxic relationships just to have the space filled

25) emptiness welcomes fullness and 26) endings welcome beginnings and in that vein…

27) stop holding onto things for their sentimental value. a few things is fine.
28) find a therapist 29) come to terms with death 30) leave the country again 31) go for more walks
32) get a dog. you’ll walk more.

33) tune your eyes to see opportunity in things not going as planned
34) microwave less dinners 35) buy less beauty products
36) stop convincing yourself that you will be a better version of you if you just buy this one last beauty product
37) it’s a sham

38) moisturize and stop picking at your skin
39) express soft sappy love when it begs to be expressed. you don’t have to play tough and cool.
you are rarely apathetic or disinterested so stop pretending to be.

40) pick a topic or two to learn more about and buy some books about it 41) budget better
42) spend less time on your phone and more time actively loving on pets
43) be nice even when the world seems pretty mean
44) come up with some affirmations and affirm yourself 45) forgive yourself

46) forgive everyone else even though in your stubborn heart you don’t feel like
anyone who has wronged you deserves it. they might not but do it for you.

47) surround yourself with beauty
48) unplug when you need to
49) don’t let the world make you cold
50) i mean it. don’t do it.

editors note:

Whatever our intentions for this New Year, may they lead you to 49) and 50). We mean it, too! – mh clay

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