Gerard Bendiks

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The Lady Behind You Is Not AmusedGerard Bendiks

Allow us to introduce you to Mad Swirl’s newest featured visual artist is the ever-talented Dallas-based Gerard Bendiks. Gerard’s photography is self-classified as ‘never outside the box‘ – but that isn’t to say it doesn’t almost give you the means to escape the box yourself! Bendiks takes otherwise ordinary imagery, close-ups of mundane everyday things and swirls them around in the gloriously mad mind that anyone who knows this artist, knows he has! When he spews ’em right back out (figuratively, of course), they’ve almost got a new energy, a voice and a light of their very own. You feel like you’ve discovered the little bit of magic all by yourself when you look at it. But alas, we here at the Swirl headquarters have a hunch that was probably Bendiks’ goal all along. But who are we to be hunching for you? We’ll leave the hunching up to you to see what we mean. Ready? Set…GO! – Madelyn Olson

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