the plastic surgeon my old man roomed with

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He comes prancing down with his shirt off again as he is wont to on specific occasions and I groan and tell him my sister is not visiting this evening and he mulls this over, without a word sheepishly goes upstairs and puts his shirt back on this has gone on for some time by now.

and on the boob tube
my birthday
is drawn,
find I am drafted
into the men’s auxiliary

editors note:

On the one hand, you can change the channel; but on the other… – mh clay

Chunky Monkey

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As I lay here in bed reflecting realize the weight is finally off my shoulders at last lifted while my attention was elsewhere though that ape is still hiding around some place close and liable to leap back on at any time without notice still, the levity an improved situation and welcome relief it comes as let me tell you need a solid night’s untroubled slumber who knows maybe can even squeeze in a dream or two.


of idioms we catch

overlooking the river

editors note:

A sight to see, when one breaks free. – mh clay


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Sun showers!
out of nowhere blindsides
crafty brigands

elevator down
ovens smoke
choking smell of sulfur

ice melt takes finesse –
half-measures, refreeze
in worse configurations

dust bunny
caught under chair leg
hunter’s snare

think done for season,
false sense security lulls…
out window, snow comes

editors note:

How the simplest things can make us crazy. (We welcome Jerome to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay

2 Haiku: smoke rings & saline

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the fallacy of
only hurting myself
secondhand smoke rings

the saline droops out
of her eyes in two
straight lines like paint drips

editors note:

More so, when one causes the other. – mh clay

When snorkeling…

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When snorkeling with
threshers the cage is purely
a formality

editors note:

Either way, you’re gonna get wet. – mh clay