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Ouija penmanship        Tread onto                     Waiting taxi.
Stutters. Tealights        Fish entrails.                  Keys missing.
Jiggle.                                  Quayside hubbub.


Wiggly fang.                    Nowhere period.          Dislocated wig.
Chomp into                     Cold-shoulder               Squall twiddles
Liquorice.                         To horned Ear.


Itchy-leg sack                 Axe quarters                    Raw hernia.
Race. Decrepit               Logs. Brume                    Draggling braces.
Pea green                         Thickens.

editors note:

Describe, and ye shall be so described… – mh clay

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  1. Marie Higgins

    This intrigues me to know end .

    It made me consider that “Estelle” could also be placed over the second column and “Arnold” over the third column, like a formatting conundrum. Either way, none of it makes sense, but all of it makes sense to some.

    The selection of words, fascinating.

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