A Roman banquet

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Over 200 ravenous workers devour their lunch in the huge site canteen that looks over the tower of London and H.M.S Belfast. Bowels of steaming mashed potatoes, slabs of smoked cold sausage, Romanian tripe soup, Albanian black pudding, spicy Ethiopian curry, huge Gherkins, Shiny smoked river fish, loaves of poppy seeded bread, melted cheese and ham panini, BLT, tuna mayo, chips drenched in vinegar, torrents of caffeinated energy drinks, creamy white pasta, tangy red pasta, skinny Frankfurters, mountains of crisps, cherry tomatoes, Chocolate bars, bacon and eggs, tins of sardines, steaming Polish dumplings, oily chicken thighs, liver pâté, rice with roasted red peppers, a crusty baguette and a solitary tub of hummus. As for myself I don’t like to eat a lot at lunch so I just observe while eating a few black grapes and drinking cups of warm water.

editors note:

You can like what you like just pass the salt. – mh clay

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