Teresa to Mom

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photo "Overcoming Overgrowing" by Tyler Malone

Teresa pressed the green circled X on her phone, “Hello.”

“May I speak with Jon?”

“Oh, hi Betty. He’s working.”

“Well, you can tell him Mother is on the phone.”

“Sorry, Betty, he asked me never to disturb him when he is working, unless someone is having a medical emergency or is dying.”


“He says, every time I disturb him, I am an artist! Disturbing me while I am working chases away my muse. It cuts the thread between us, finishes the conversation, incompletes my creation!”

“Well, I am his mother.”

“Yes, Betty, we love you, but . . .”


“He loves you, but . . .”

“Someone might be dying!”

“What? Who?”

“Tell him his sister has COVID.”

“Oh, that’s terrible.

“She fell ill the morning after her vaccination.”

“Is she grave?”

“She’s in the hospital!”

“Oh, no.”

“Now will you tell him I am on the phone?”

“Um, I think he meant an emergency or hospital here. For someone who lives here.”

“What? I, damn, well, ask him to call me after he’s done creating.”

“I will, I promise. Is there something I can . . .”

“And my sister Rose has come to live with me, to support me.”

“But, what about Chuck, your new friend, the one who came to live with you the day after his father Charles died?”


“Goodbye, Betty. We love you.”

The signal from Betty’s phone went dead.

Teresa went back to scrolling through her social networks.

editors note:

We grow old and love grows cold. ~ Tyler Malone

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