Diamond Shoes

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photo "Wears 4 Sale" by Tyler Malone

Whose diamond shoes are too tight today? he asks, giving the newspaper a hard flick. Reading the agony column aloud is a custom in their household, one way to compare the problems of other peoples to theirs. It usually makes them both feel better. He reads about a woman, having cut off sex with her husband, is now embarrassed that he sleeps in a tent in the backyard. He begins suggesting solutions until his wife interjects, Must have been written by a troll. His eyes widen with surprise, and then squint with suspicion.

One day he skips reading the column─he has to leave on a business trip. He comes back ill and stops going anywhere, except to the doctors. She is the one who reads the agony column aloud now. How do you discourage friends from inviting themselves to a new vacation house? Can a grown daughter boycott her elderly father’s second wedding? How does a woman make her fiancé pay for leaving her at the altar?

It’s getting dark early these days, and she gets up to turn on the light. She sees Orion’s Rigel star emerge outside the window. It resembles The Hunter’s glittering foot. She whispers to her husband, Look! More diamond shoes!

Diamond shoes, diamond shoes, he mutters.

editors note:

Finding out what is when life offers experience too late is on you, and we all know that. ~ Tyler Malone

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