The Raft

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photo "Land of Cope" by Tyler Malone

“Turok, watch out for that wave!” Andar yelled.

“Whoa!” Turok took a stick and pretended to paddle out of danger. “Whew. Thanks, Andar.” He wiped his brow. “How’s that?”

“We’re safe now.”

“Man, that was close,” Turok said.

“Yeah, it was.”

“Thanks for the warning.”

“No problem.”

The brothers smiled at each other. The older one, Turok, was at the front. The younger brother, Andar, was on the back. Beneath the blanket, the grass was green, but not to the brothers. To them, it was a rocking and rolling ocean full of dangers like rogue waves and prehistoric monsters.

Quickly, Turok pointed. “Andar, look!”

Andar shaded his eyes and exclaimed. “Oh, no! Not a cyclops!”

Turok’s worried expression said it all. The huge one-eyed beast was a formidable foe, tall as an oak tree with razor-sharp fangs that filled its snarling mouth. “This is bad. I didn’t know they could swim!”

Andar picked up a long stick that had been carved into a spear. “Let’s get ready!”

Turok grabbed his spear and joined him.

They stood shoulder to shoulder on the edge of their raft and prepared to face the creature.

“It’s coming fast,” Ander cried out a warning.

“Stand firm,” Turok yelled.

“Here it comes!”

The two of them thrust their spears and the battle began. For the next few minutes, the brothers stood side by side fighting with every ounce of energy they possessed.







In the heat of the battle, the brothers looked at each other and grinned. They had this under control. A minute later, they watched as the cyclops sank mortally wounded beneath the surface of the ocean. It was gone forever.

They fell to their raft, exhausted.

“Way to go,” Andar breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thanks,” Turok responded, wiping the sweat running down his face. “You, too.”

“No problem.”

Another battle has been won. Another monster vanquished. For the two brothers, it just didn’t get any better.

It was a summer of being away from their parents and living with their aunt and uncle. The rumor was that their mom and dad were going through a divorce. It was a sad time, for sure, but their aunt and uncle were kind, generous people and were helping to ease the pain.

Besides, Turok and Andar had other things to worry about. Off in the distance, they heard the shrieking call of the dreaded Xylatan, a two-headed flying monster the size of a house.

They looked at each other.

Turok said, fear emanating from every pore. “Not the Xylatan!”

Andar spit on his hands and rubbed them together. “All we can do is get ready.”

“That’s right,” Turok said. He spit on his hands too. “Let’s show that monster who’s boss.”

Then the two brothers got to their feet, took out their pocketknives and sharpened the tips of their spears. They looked at each other and grinned.

“Are you ready?” Turok asked.

“You bet.” Andar nodded, eyes set, resolution firm.

“Good. Me, too.”

“Bring it on.”

They stood up and got ready to face the huge monster. They planted their feet, gripped their spears, and watched the sky. No matter what happened, they knew one thing for sure. They knew they could depend on each other. Without a doubt. Monsters? Bring them on. Whatever life threw at them, even their parents’ divorce. They were Turok and Andar. They were fighters. As long as they had each other they would always prevail.

editors note:

There are plenty of monsters to slay, and none of them are imaginary. Not a one. ~ Tyler Malone

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