Recipe for Upholding Calm and Peace at the Reading of a Will

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photo "Another Lifetime" by Tyler Malone

Switch on power full of family values and traditions.

Put the papers tied with red ribbons upfront.

Let it stew for a while.

Stir often but take care of the temperature.

Keep the sunny side up.

Pour stories heard from grandparents and neighbors long gone.

Mix family feud with family drama. If situation turns sour,

Add half-yellowed family group photos to spread hidden love.

Let a compassionate uncle, an over enthusiastic aunt and a friendly lawyer handle the situation.

Don’t lose patience or bury hope.

Have faith in the cliched sentiment: Family comes first.

Put the caramelized mixture into a Moroccan serving dish.

Decorate with the picture of an old family dog, fondly remembered by all.

Serve family feast, sprinkled with family jewels.

editors note:

Can you please pass the grief? I haven’t quite had my fill. ~ Tyler Malone

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