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photo "Happy Home... For Now" by Tyler Malone

When they first came, they seemed almost an answer to prayer. They were smaller than us and thin. They had mouths, but never smiled. Their eyes were much bigger than ours. They seldom blinked. They wore one piece outfits made from some type of blue material. They spoke without opening their mouths, using telepathy. They communicated effectively with us, letting us know what their questions or needs were.

When asked who they were, they let us know only that they were nomads, travelers who have been moving throughout various galaxies, not only in this universe, but also in other dimensions. Their travels have been from a time so far back it would seem endless to us. They communicated to us that after they had learned how to enter other dimensions, they had access to different types of world’s that would seem quite strange to us.

At first, they landed in major cities all over the earth, working with national and civic leaders. They seemed to be on a problem solving mission, helping the people of the earth by providing the people of the earth with various solutions to many of their problems. They provided powerful, compact sources of energy that eliminated the need for nuclear reactors or coal burning power plants. They demonstrated to physicians new ways to treat heart disease and various types of cancer.

As time went on, more and more if their ships came to earth. They began to use advanced techniques to mine various metals and precious stones. When there were attempts by various military forces to stop the mining, they easily defeated any forces that came against them.

National armies and air forces where destroyed. They also began to destroy cities, rapidly killing most of the people on earth. Those who were able to survive by living in primitive areas were left alone. When  they had harvested whatever metals and stones they required for their purposes, they left the planet, leaving it forever changed.


Nature rapidly reclaimed the planet and those left alive on earth began to rebuild their civilization. After much time, those alive had difficulty knowing what had actually taken place when the Nomads came to the earth long ago. Stories had been handed down to children for  nearly a thousand years. Some on earth worshiped them. Many thought they were evil gods. Over time, these different beliefs led to much warfare among various tribes of people on earth and caused much blood to be spilled.

editors note:

By hand of god or by hand of something else from somewhere else, we know the writing on the wall. ~ Tyler Malone

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