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photo "Time to Reflect" by Tyler Malone

It all started with an essay that one of his students wrote for a composition test. It bore no relevance to the topics proposed, so it naturally got a zero for being off-point, but it was easy to recognize who wrote that irrelevant piece because that test was preceded by a CD that introduced the topic to a very unsuspicious tutor. A student brought it to his office, claiming that it would enlighten him on the strange events that were taking place in their territory. The war had made everybody eager to listen to every conspiracy theory and political analysis that might make sense and the scapegoat was the freemasons.

Mr. Trueman had come across the word once or twice in his entire lifetime but knew not much about the condemnation such a brotherhood or organization received in his part of the globe. The CD showed the Eye of Providence, which many churches have engraved on their walls and depicted in paintings, as a Satanic symbol that represents bloodshed and every type of evil in the world, committed since the beginning of creation, centuries before freemasonry was born. He entrusted the CD to a colleague and sought his opinion about its veracity with the utmost secrecy such a topic enjoined. The colleague betrayed his trust by distributing the CD to every friend and acquaintance he had and gave his name as the bearer of what might be considered as a slanderous campaign.

Mr. Trueman was extremely upset and started researching the subject on the internet. Things got worse when freemasons were linked to the Knights of the Temple (a modern version of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon – the Templars of the Medieval Age). A popular Turkish TV series entitled Valley of the Wolves attributed all sorts of evildoing to a secret society that met underground in ancient buildings and the TV entertainment was gaining a massive number of viewers in different countries.

Trueman could not understand how medieval monks who assembled in a temple and conducted rituals could scheme evil against the human species. His personal research culminated in a passion for everything that is medieval. YouTube was a great visual aid and there was no need for the Templars to protest their innocence of what was attributed to their order because the grand churches they had left behind eloquently spoke for them. Evil people do not build such places; they destroy them, Trueman reiterated to himself. He found the accusations levelled against them farcical to a great extent. How could a knight who wore a red cross on a white mantle spit on the cross? He would end up spitting upon himself. Trueman did not need to unearth skeletons or conduct DNA tests because he believed Evil could not conceive the religious beauty that was their heritage. He quit his job and undertook studies in the Department of History for several years. Now with a Templar cross round his neck, he enjoys showing tourists the sites he loves best and he owes his current success to a failed composition test with an evil intention and content.

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A new dream is just a moment away, but are you ready for the whole new life it brings? ~ Tyler Malone

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