Any Storm in a Port

by on July 12, 2022 :: 0 comments

photo "Any Port's a Port" by Tyler Malone

I’ll take siesta over fiesta. You’re my ballast and I’m your ballista. I concur, confer, and further confirm:

We’ve traded demigods for demagogues. In a comedy, you die; in a tragedy, you get hitched. I spill pills on my pilose pillows; I tear my tears and tear through all tiers.

We must make the impossible possible, remain sane in an insane world. For the sake of forsaking my fallacious falsifications, I’ll fortify a fortuitous fort. You’re still the one port where I’d happily storm.

editors note:

Harbor in a hurricane, that’s all we’re looking for: a hurricane and a harbor. ~ Tyler Malone

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