A Rainy Day

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photo "What's New is What's Old" by Tyler Malone

Valeria sat down in her wooden chair and laid a woolen blanket across her lap to warm her legs. She enjoyed watching from the window of her room how the rain fell passively on the garden that she had planted, with hard work, in her yard for years. Her house and garden were among the most precious things she had for all the family memories they possessed.

“You always liked rainy days,” Hugo said, about to settle into the leather chair that was on the right side of her.

“You know me very well. I love them. They are the best thing ever. Also, our first kiss was on a rainy day.”

“Don’t even remind me. The next day, I had the worst cold I’ve ever had in my life, but… it was worth it” He winked at her.

The two elders exuded love and sweetness through their gazes. Each one was replaying memories in their heads that they had lived together through their long years of marriage.

“How is Alba?” Hugo asked her.

“Well. She must be preparing the room for when little Benjamin is born. There are only a few weeks left,” she answered with slight melancholy.

“We did a good job. We were good parents.”

Hugo immediately noticed that detail and approached her with a worried face.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. It’s just that I thought we would always be on the same path.”

“Sometimes things don’t go the way we expect, but love will always last.” Hugo tried to encourage her through his words.

“You promised that we would always be together. You said it in your vows of love when we got married.” She restrained herself from shedding that tear that wanted to escape, along with her feelings.

“And we always will be, one way or another. You know that I will always come to visit you. You are my family. You are what I love most in life, besides… Betunia…” He scratches the back of his neck.

“You should take that thing with you. I’m never going to drive that piece of junk. I always hated the name you gave that car.” She laughed out loud.

The two of them were silent for a few seconds, assuming the reality that they did not wish to see. The old companions had been together since they were young and never imagined that, at some point, they would have to separate in the future, but life had another plan for them.

“Val…” he affectionately called her by her nickname, like he always did. “I have faith that our paths will come together again. Trust me.”

“Mom?” Alba’s voice came closer. She appeared in the room, interrupting their moment. “I am going to the supermarket; I have some things to buy and it will help me stretch my legs. Benjamin has been a little restless.” She touched her belly gently. “Do you want to go with me?”

“No, love. Thanks, but I’m appreciating the rain. It always brings back good memories.” She smiled.

“I know you do. Daddy also liked rainy days, even though he always tried to deny it because of that cold he caught when he was young. I assure you that he would like to be here with you, watching the landscape.”

“I think so, too.” Valeria nodded and looked at Hugo, who returned the same affectionate smile, fading with the cool breeze from the rain that came through the window.

editors note:

Love is what carries us when we can’t carry it. ~ Tyler Malone

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