On Aeaea Again

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photo "Bridge to the Past, Presently" by Tyler Malone

We breakfast together on grapes and figs while lying on wild grass, take a walk around our island, fill our eyes with sea, fill our ears with bird song.

I drive her to the Loose Wolf where she lunches with the women who tend to the island gardens. I sit six feet away and watch her out of the corner of my eye, the bend and flick of her wrist, the skin of her neck so soft I caress and kiss it with my peripheral vision. I see that she sees me admiring her but she does not look directly at me, only accidentally on purpose lifts the hem of her skirt, allows the strap on her dress to slip off her shoulder.

I order a plate of pork and open my eReader and reread Circe.

editors note:

The years go by, we grow but don’t grow apart. We stay alive close–but not too close–to those who could kill us. ~ Tyler Malone

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