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photo "Backspace to the Space Called Home" by Tyler Malone

I didn’t like my Fiat. It had become too old. So, I pressed the delete button on it and it was gone. Later that day I saw an advertisement in a newspaper. A girl who was pissed-off with her boyfriend had asked only a dollar in exchange for her new Toyota that she got as a gift from him. But when I approached her in person, she gave it for free.

Next was my annoying neighbor. I didn’t like him right from the day he shifted to my neighborhood. He was always unfriendly, too reserved and mischievous. I pressed the delete button on him and he was gone. Recession forced him to sell off his home to a very friendly neighbor.

Next was my father. I never liked my father.

I mean, who likes a self-centric, greedy and mean-minded person who believes the entire planet is going around him? I mean, how can you tolerate someone who uses your credit card without asking you? I mean, how can you tolerate someone who sniffs your used inners? So, I pressed the delete button on him and he was deleted. He suddenly disappeared. A manhunt turned futile and the next month, a man in mid-fifties came to my home along with my mother.

“Meet your new father” my mom introduced him to me.

One evening I went to my regular language class. This was the third time I was attempting to complete the course. Third time, not because I was not good at learning but because I liked the language tutor, Philip. Therefore, I didn’t want to complete the course. He was tall, handsome and muscular. I had been having a crush on him right from the day I met him for the first time. But that evening, he didn’t come to take the class. His assistant informed me that I was allocated to some other tutor since Philip’s schedules were full.

Who knows?

Perhaps, Philip pressed the delete button on me.

editors note:

We don’t want to be here but we have to be, or that’s why we tell people they need to love and consider us. ~ Tyler Malone

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