The Get Together

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photo "Open for Life" by Tyler Malone

“Mom are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes dear, let’s go.”

My mom and I are very excited. Today we are going to meet with our father after a long time. I can’t really explain how happy and excited I am. After a lot of struggle and patience we are getting to meet him.

I was thinking what questions I will ask him. There are so many but I can’t ask all of them. We reached the place after some time. Mr. Morgan was waiting for us. He is the medium through whom we are going to talk with him.

He was seeing us in a very strange manner as if he hasn’t seen people like us before. Yes, I admit we are different because we are new to this place but yet we look like human beings.

“Good morning, Mrs. Evans, I was just waiting for you and your son,” he said to us.

“Is everything ready? We can’t wait to meet him, hope you can understand,” my mom said.

“Yes. The whole process is to be 20 minutes and you can talk to him for about 10 minutes, not more than that otherwise it can be risky for me,” he said.

Though we were disappointed upon hearing the time limit, still we nodded.

Then he took us inside a room, a dark room.

Okay, let me clear the fact. We are going to speak through a planchette, the only method of our contact with him.

My mom and I haven’t talked with my father since the day we died in a car accident a year ago. My father lives and we live through him.

It’s really a special day for both of us.

editors note:

Sometimes we’re alive to live for what we can’t touch. ~ Tyler Malone

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