Waitress, Please! I’ll Have the Bit-chop!

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photo "Chopped Bits" by Tyler Malone

Hey nearly tripped up tripped down tripped over but bu b—got back on’em okay. Much the wiser. After talking it down over with my waitress we got outta’ ‘dere again. So, talkdown over much more productive than talk down all over. All over; from head to toe front to back inside to outside every cubic anything. As; all over; no more been there done that good bye take care be good watch out best of everything everhing eveing evng eg. just as said Eh, ‘Horse”.

Waitress! Waitress!

I’ll have the Bit-chop! Bit-chop Bit-chop Eh “Horse” Bit-chop time to Bit-chop get Bit-chop up morning has broken.




Broken. Has morning up Bit-chop get Bit-chop to time Bit-chop “Horse” Eh Bit-chop Bit-chop Bit-chop! ‘Horse”. Eh, said as just eg., evng eveing everhing everything of best out watch good be care take bye good that done there been more no over; all. As; anything.


Waitress! Waitress!

I’ll have the Bit-chop! I’ll have the cubic every outside to inside back to front toe to head from over; all over. Bit-chop Bit-chop. All down talk than productive more much over talkdown. Bit-chop Bit-chop Bit-chop. So, again. ‘dere outta’ got we waitress my with over down it talking after. Bit-chop, hey! Nearly tripped up, Bit-chop down, tripped over Bit-chop Bit-chop Bit-chop eahhh. But bu b—got back on ‘em Bit-chop, bub! Okay.

Ho! Much the wiser.

Waitress! Please!

Now hear me loud!

I still want the Bit-chop!

editors note:

Language, we’d be better off without it. We’d have nothing but time to explain what we really want out of life. ~ tyler malone

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