Make My Day

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photo "Get in the Bed, Loser" by Tyler Malone

When I climb out of the KIA I notice an old man standing by his suburban. I look to where he’s staring and see a woman behind her covered pickup. The tailgate is down and she is moving metal cages around that hold small dogs. I think she must be a rescuer. The woman must bend over to do this work. The day is not yet warm. She wears a pair of short shorts that look like cut off jeans. Her legs are muscular, powerful. She’s in great shape, this woman, and her wonderful ass is perked up.

Coming from a Puritan background and imbued with feminism, my guilt will let me enjoy only a moment. I walk from the parking lot to inside the What-a-burger. Once I sit down with my meal, I look outside and see that the old man is still looking. His hair is white and he carries a cane. When the woman drives off in her pickup, he waits a moment and then works himself into the high driver’s seat of his suburban. He sits there a while.

When he passes by heading for the exit I swear he has a big smile on his face.

editors note:

All it takes in this expansive world is to open your eyes. I swear, there will be something to smile about. ~ tyler malone

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