I Have a Mistress

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photo "Shared Horizon" by Tyler Malone

Back in 2017 I acquired a mistress, or should I say she attached herself to me.

I informed my wife of the mistress and she begin to cry and said can you get rid of her. I said I will try. But now she is with me all the time. She demands to go shopping with me and then I must head home with her.

At the grocery store she demands certain foods that she knows that I cannot have but she says that it would make her stronger.

She makes me remember my past and when I get something wrong, she goes, that’s not the way it happened and you know that I’m right because I am in your head.

Sometimes she sits in a corner with me as I cry about the past, the present, the future, what’s to come. She is silent as I cry.

She has been attached to me for about a year and a half and she is getting stronger.

But I feel she will be leaving me soon.

On our 44th wedding anniversary I gave my wife a gift and a card. I wrote this: I will love you till I feel your last kiss upon my lips as I take my last breath.

Ah, my mistress said, that is beautiful, but I will be with you even after you take your last breath.

I call my mistress Eris

But her real name is Cancer.

editors note:

The time we have is not ours, and spending time writing and beautifying the world swirling around us is to be celebrated. Writing stops the world even for a bit because this world, the time we have, isn’t ours. We belong to time. ~ tyler malone

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