Fly High, Little One

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photo "Breeze" by Tyler Malone

Fly high, little one. Let your beautiful wings spread. You’ve learned much, now, and far more to see still. Travel onward, now, across this peculiar world. Mature, experience, and feel. You’ve come far. All the trials of your life you’ve surpassed; all the pains you bore them well. Carry on now, little one, and fly high.

Soar across this beautiful plane. Feel the warmth of the reassuring sun. See the blue skies and the glittering of the stars. Gaze upon the comforting glow of the moon. Feel the loving caress of the refreshing breeze. Hear the liberating silence as you fly high and free. Look around you now, little one, at the lovely colors painting this world. The colors of Life. There is hope always. There is Light all around. Fly high, little one. There is peace here. There is beauty here. Everyday life, of goodness, the mere act of existing and being alive–it is yours, little one. A momentous and one-time gift to treasure for a lifetime. Too many birds fly too fast that they take things for granted. Too many birds squabble with each other that they cannot hear and look at what’s in front of them. Too many birds fight to become better than other birds that they lost themselves and forgot. They forgot the true essences of Life and having a heart and what it means to truly live, love, and be alive. But you, little one…

You’ve lost a few feathers. You watched your flying companions disappear too suddenly. You’ve flown alone for so long, too long even when you mingled with other birds. You chirped with all your soul but no one heard you. You bore such difficult weights and a heavy, shattered heart that just won’t stay together. You lost tears that are too many to count. You endured sacrifices that never should have been at all. You confronted Dark obstacles that battered, bruised, and tore at your soul, leaving behind scars too deep and big to describe. You doubted and lost hope. You sold your feathers to forget and to numb the pains. You searched all around for a place to truly belong, to be heard, to be truly loved for all that you are within. But you couldn’t find it. You stubbornly flew on in hopes somewhere, somehow you’ll find Home at last. Your true Home. But you’re still here now, little one. You’re still flying, wings and all. You still hope as you once did long ago. You soared above the Dark. Do you see it now, little one? You only ever had to look. There is peace now within you, little one. Real peace. There is beauty, warmth, and goodness concealed in every crevice of this world, within you. There is much to be grateful for.

Flying on, you chirped to the world, “This is me” with the biggest grin you ever did bear! You proudly showed your scars and ragged feathers you once, long ago, hated and felt deeply dissatisfied with. You thought them inadequate but they never were. You never were. The tricks of delusions. You’re still here. You smiled because you knew: “I’m healed. I did it. I’m still me.”  You’re flying higher now, little one. You’re shining all the brighter now. Your soul is truly free, and the world is clearer and the air fresher. Fill your lungs, little one. Take it all in. Remember these good, fulfilling, and meaningful emotions. Remember to pass them along to others always. The world (and your life) needs more good things and radiance, not the bad, the harmful.

The shackles fall off. The ropes are cut. Everything that held you back dissipates like a wisp of morning fog that retreated at the sun’s growing might. No Man, no abuses, no Darkness holds you now. Your wings are free to flap. No more cages. No more traps. No more fears now. You’re free, little one. Smile now. You’re still flying. You still have your heart. All the blinding poisons, the hate, the harms, the lies, the distrust, the facades, the delusions of grandeur, the stifling and overbearing arrogance, and the negative emotions–you’ve flown above them all, little one. You never became them. You remained whole, strong, and your real self. You still love, you still forgive, you still help, you still feel, you still smile, you still spread goodness–all this genuinely. Smile and fly high. You’ve proved yourself well, little one.

Into the sky of this world, fly on. Never give up. Never lose yourself. There’s a whole world before you yet–a beautiful, tranquil, untouched world that can only be seen when you’ve truly and completely healed; when you’ve passed the ills of this world and come out whole, at peace, free, content, and yourself; when you’ve soared above it all, unbound and uncaged. Look there! Do you see now? You’re not alone. You never were alone. The right flying companions found you at last. They kept searching for you all this time. They worried about you, they wondered about you, they lost sleep searching for you, hoping you’re alive and well. They searched because they love you.

Fly high, little one. Never again will the Dark find you. You’re not held down now and never will be. You’re unbound and at peace in all sense and manner. You gave much. Be at ease now, little one. I see you. You’re here now. You made it, and I’m right here with you. So, close your eyes now. Rest your head. You can pass in peace at last. Fly higher now, little one. You’re free. You’re free.

editors note:

Your sky is your limit and the only light is you, burning. Fly and carry that light. ~ tyler malone

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    Bravo! What a well-arranged and beautifully crafted masterpiece! It did indeed leave me kind of awestruck every time i did read a little bit and i am not exaggerating. I felt it was straight from the heart. I think it is lovely and innocent, sincere and pure! A little jewel, that i am going to print out and put in a list because it is that good. Thank you very much and never stop writing!

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