Antimatter Chitter-Chatter

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photo "The inner is a mirror of the outer" by Contributing Artist David Arthur-Simons

Why are we matter and not antimatter, or are we the latter and think that we’re not? Brought into contact the one with the other, the two would annihilate right on the spot.

Opposites attract— some do— but in this case, it isn’t true; for in that mirror image clash the counterparts destroy their doppelgangers in a flash and thus give rise to high-energy photons, that is to say, to gamma rays, or other particles like antiprotons in what could be another phase…

While an antiproton and a positron can form an atom antihydrogen that’s almost the norm of a hydrogen atom, a physicist, instead made of antimatter— to continue with the thread— in antimatter lab with chemicals and stuff composed of antiparticles too, sure enough would find in all experiments practically the same results as would a matter twin with an equal aim.

Whew! Loopy loo— much ado…

Strange all this difference should be ’twixt Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Though ‘ditto’ one the other goes, they took up quarreling as foes.

Did Alice through the looking-glass into antimatter pass— with Hatter mad, alack, alas, sentenced to death by “Off with his head!” (those were the words the Queen of Hearts said…) for song sung ‘murdering the time’ before a verdict for his crime— a wonderland dreamworld, vice-a verse, contrariwise, not better or worse in sentience, style, and logic’s pith? Ah, glory be that Carroll myth!

Suppose that on further reflection we flip the direction of time, flip left and right, the Red King to White, change matter as well into antimatter… (or is it reversely for this chit-chatter?)

Ho, mercurial Hatta, mad Hatter!— Which do you think it might be? Let’s natter…

editors note:

Indeed Mad Hatter, antimatter matters matter. ~ Mike Fiorito

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